A moment only lasting long enough to wreak massive cordial damage in the nefarious regions of cerebral motor-spatial co-ordiation disengaging from moral reasoning receptors in which the conventions set forth by society thrive. A break in the once impenetratable wall of silence, that which binds the clubhouse of nations to neo-monarchic ideals revolving on the Master and slave relationship (Who says relationships never last), to keep proles in line.

This, temporary insanity, is the point of breaking, analogous to running against the wind of human nature to reach impossible ideals and social expectations.. eventually reaching the end of ones limitations to be blown off the 30 story cognitive castle wall, into the moat of mental liquidation below.

Often hyper intelligence requires brief moments of this kind to achieve a full creative breakthrough in understanding concepts beyond socially constructed beliefs and dogma. As well there are those that ;snap', and go on a killing spree, or drive their brand new VW bug into a shopping mall. The line is fine between intelligence and a brain crawling madly like a jungle of vine. It makes life interesting.

Temporary insanity is a common plea in the judicial system to explain acts of violence or wanton public mischief. You often require an observation by a professional psychologist who may call on the DSM-IV.

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