When a male is hounded by many (mostly attractive) females for a relationship of some sort (in the fashion of Akito Tenkawa from Martian Successor Nadesico). This constant stream of females causes one to act differently, inducing dread instead of joy when in contact with said females.

Those who do not have a Tenkawa Complex cannot understand why those who do have one dread it. There's usually a good reason these types do not have the problem (looks, personality, intelligence, or combinations of the three are lacking somehow).

This is more commonly known as the Tenchi Complex. Seeing as how it came out in 1992, and Nadesico came out in 1996, I think the former is the proper term. Other shows, such as Photon: The Idiot Adventures, Dual, and Love Hina follow in this line (Photon and Dual were, incidentally, made by AIC, who created all of the Tenchi series)

Tenchi suffers from much of the same problems as Tenkawa Akito, except Tenchi never makes up his mind about whom he likes (as opposed to Akito, who does).

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