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The main type of international cricket match, a test match lasts 5 days and 90 overs must be bowled in a day. A day's play usually lasts 6h30mins spread over three 30 over sessions. Each team has to bat through two innings and the team that has the most runs wins. Of course, if a team reaches the other team's total after both innings before the end of the 5th day, they are declared winners.

The rules of the game are also slightly modified in test cricket, with the batting crease being wider than in One-day internationals and the ball can be replaced only after 80 overs have been bowled with it per innings (a captain may opt not to "take the new ball").

Most ppl consider test matches to be utterly boring and I suppose this is what has coloured the opinion of most Americans to think that it is the daftest game on the planet. The run rate is fairly slow, and the action much less frequent, but the tension is enormous, and the advantage can veer dramatically between the opposing teams as the match progresses from day to day.

Teams must dress in full white outfits and use the regulation red ball. Due to the length of time that matches are played, imo it is still the best sport to drink beer with your buddies by, especially tests, where one single match runs over five days.

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