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On Friday night I heard Gershon Sizomu speak at my synagogue. I’ve been there with over a thousand people before. It’s been quiet but there’s always a little background buzz, a little rustling, some whispering, some coughing. When Gershon spoke it was.... completely.... utterly .... silent. His message was deliberate, simple and each word well chosen. There was no extraneous rhetoric to detract from the beauty of what he said. His voice so rich, clear and reflective of his all encompassing vision of life. He spoke of living under the tyranny of Idi Amin for 9 years. He spoke of executions, torture and religious oppression. It brought tears to our eyes and took everyone’s breath away all at once. He is the leader of the Abayudaya, a group of Jews in Uganda, who have survived against all odds to follow their chosen spiritual path. If they were caught uttering a Jewish prayer or observing any Jewish customs they were executed... men, women or children. Yet, his main message was of peace and his desire to make this world a better place.

Gershon is not a sad man. He lives for the betterment of this world and his country with his every breath. He writes beautiful music. He sang for us and with us. When I spend time with him and his family, I am constantly inspired and astounded by the unadulterated trueness that he and his wife exhibit at all times. They always see clear to the core of any situation and take the most unexpectedly simple and brilliantly obvious stance to any dilemma we encounter.

They own less things than anyone I know but they are without a doubt the richest people I know.

I have heard Gershom speak before, but he said one thing at the end of his talk that had great significance to me. He said, “the people of the Abayudaya would like you all to send e-mails to them so they may know you and greet you.... How do you think we will get the e-mails when we have no electricity? We will travel to the city and rent computers.”

He illuminated what I envision so clearly............

The year 2506.

The only wars we know of now are in the history nodes. No one is hungry. Ours is a time that had been anticipated by humanity for thousands of years. Wars were fought over the differences of opinion people had over their beliefs which they called religion. The so called Messianic age as these ancient people called it, or the Age of Oneness as we know it now, occurred rather anti climatically. There were no frightful dramatic comings of all powerful supernatural beings as was predicted in the ancient books.

As I understand history, “it” came quietly and gently like a soft whisper that everyone heard all at once. When it happened and all humans became interconnected, in that split second, it was like the last very little teeny tiny whispering click of a giant combination lock when the last tumbler falls into place....

the Age of Oneness began.

I read some very ancient Hebrew prayers, thousands of years old, that seemed to predict this moment in our evolution;

“all mankind will invoke Your name, bringing all the earth’s wicked back to You, repentant. Then all who live will know that to You every knee must bend, every tongue pledge loyalty.”

The Holy One wasn't exactly one creature, it was something beyond the finite ideas that humans in the bloody past of humanity possessed;

...extolled and exalted may the Holy One be, praised beyond all song and psalm, beyond all tributes which mortals can utter...”
Hatzi Kaddish

...the One, which was all of us all along...

The oneness of all creatures.

When worldwide connectivity occurred, human kind entered the Age of Oneness.

It seems that as long as people were isolated and ignorant of each other’s differences, they feared one another and fought. They had various forms of propaganda that kept them at odds.

The Age of Information Technology slowly and gently swept through the world until people understood each other. As ignorance and isolation was dissipated, people just naturally enjoyed the good things about one another and they knew the truth. Music was a big factor that brought everyone together. Especially a form of ancient music called “rock and roll”. People rather enjoy the differences of one another now. As travel and communication accelerated so did the interconnection of all people and so we live in the Age of Oneness now.

Everyone eats something different but no one is hungry now.

I am a history student. I study the evolution of humanity. Human's beliefs have always shaped our destiny.

800 years ago, the only form of travel was by foot or riding horses or ship. At this time a man named Christopher Columbus wanted to sail around the world. Many were fearful and thought that the world was like a big flat pancake and he would sail right off the edge. People believed so many fearful things at that time. If you were sick, they would drain the blood out of you. If you were especially smart you might be burned at the stake for some crazy religious beliefs that I haven’t figured out yet.

About 500 years ago, humans were very dependent on fossil fuels, which were very limited and polluted the air. Wars were fought over access to these fuels. Between fighting over fuel and various forms of pollution, humans almost destroyed the earth. It is incredible how close humans came to completely destroying the earth and all earth creatures during the 20th and 21st centuries. They had weapons of mass destruction that could blow up the whole planet. They cut down the trees until almost all the mammals died and there were dangerously low levels of oxygen. The greed of these humans as they spit dangerous substances into the environment created horrible illnesses called cancers and devastating changes in the weather that wiped out entire cities and cultures.

As humans developed rapid communication abilities and Information Technology, they began to work together more and more for the good of all. They managed to escape extinction by a hair's breath. The history of this particular chapter of technological development is fascinating.

Things are different now. There is no pollution, no hunger, no wars. We live in clean cities surrounded by invisible force fields to protect the natural habitat of the earth. All the ancient roads are long since grown over with trees and flowers. All the species of animals that were once near extinction have repopulated their natural habitats. The rain forests have re-grown. There are herds of buffalo, elephants and all manner of creatures roaming, crawling, soaring. There are no more telephone wires or electrical poles like the ones I see in antique photographs. All energy and communication is transmitted by satellites thru invisible and harmless energy tubes.

We have developed energy technologies that are harmonious with the earth’s ecology. All of our energy is harmless, limitless and accessible to everyone. So there are no more wars over the ancient fuel called oil. Our vehicles are guided thru tubes which are made up of invisible energy force fields so no one crashes into each other. The vehicles have special force field shields around them so we are gently repelled when our vehicles come too close to one another. We do not have these things called “car accidents”

We still use RE2i for connectivity, although our interfaces are small enough to be put in microscopic implants. RE2i was originally developed about 500 years ago by engineers belonging to an avante guard group of people from around the world, called E2. The E2 community was significantly instrumental in causing the Worldwide Connection to happen. Some of the members of E2, developed the first RE2i which caused a great leap in people’s ability to connect rapidly enough to enable the Worldwide Connection. This was the first device that could sense, sort, transform and transmit the super low electrical potential impulses in the brain which enabled us to first transmit or record streaming E2 thought globule packets to home node while we were mobile without cumbersome or costly equipment. It was affordable to everyone so it helped abolish any last shreds of class struggle that also caused the ancient wars. This dramatically accelerated the “Worldwide Connection”. It was at this time in history that voice activated devices were first introduced which led us into today where everything operates on voice or thought activation.

I like to go to the ancient E2 “web site” and read all the crazy, wild fascinating stories that those brave pioneers of the internet wrote. They all had the most interesting names. I am majoring in ancient rock and roll music at the university.

I have band rehearsal right now.

Peace out,


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