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A branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, The Cloisters is home to a beautiful collection of medieval European art and architecture.

The museum consists of five cloisters based upon the designs of medieval French cloisters as well as other monastic sites of southern France. It is located at the upper tip of Manhattan in Fort Tryon Park, and the four acre plot upon which it sits has a beautiful view overlooking the Hudson River.

Although it is home to over five thousand pieces of art that date as far back as A.D. 800, it is most often known for the Unicorn tapestries. The South Netherlandish tapestries were donated to the museum by John D. Rockefeller and are truly captivating in their beauty.

The Cloisters should be definite stop on any tourist excursion to NYC. Although a bit out of the way - by subway one must take the A train up to 190th Street - it is well worth it. Those going during the summer will find that after a stroll through the museum, simply sitting within the beautiful surround park to watch the sunset will have you scarcely believing that you are anywhere near the bustling metropolis of New York City.

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