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The Nye Principle, so named after the gentleman who embodies it, one Mr. Ezra Nye, aka the maggot, was created in a fit of frustration and boredom. A few of us were slouching in front the television, when it dawned on us that despite the fact we'd all arrived with lighters, there was suddenly not a single lighter in the room. Further study increased the conviction that Ezra was somehow mystically transmuting and translating small amounts of matter. so, without further ado, the theory:

The Nye Principle

* Given that matter can neither be created nor destroyed.
* Given that Thought affects quantum particles

If you give something to Ezra, it continues to exist in the same place until such time as someone stops thinking about it. Belief that you have set an object down in the place that you have actually set it down tends to assure that it will stay there until you, or someone else who has seen said object in that place moves it. However, if the object is forgotten in Ezra's presence it will be overcome by the force of the quantum singularity and vanish into thin air. Since matter/energy can neither be created nor destroyed, these objects must reappear at some place/time in some form. Whether the phenomenon is similar to blackholes or wormholes, in that the "object" always exits at the same point is debatable. First objects that have fallen victim to this phenomenon must be found, which has proven more difficult than one would think. There are no clues as to the re-emit range, although it has been put forth that the range is proportionate to the mass of the object. If this is so, then it is probable that the initial mass and proximity affect the absorption rate of the object. I put forth that if a connection should be discovered, it be measured in Nyes, where one nye (Ny) =(kg*v*d)/t.

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