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The Red Violin was an OK movie. It had a good cast, some subtle things, an interesting premise, but not that much in the way of characters or plot.

However: the soundtrack, fittingly for a movie all about a classical musical instrument, is the highlight of the film: one of the best CDs of classical music I've ever heard. I'm listening to it right now on my computer, and it is beautiful. The strings soar, the, well, other strings (it's mostly, if not completely, string driven)dive, and... mere words can not express its magnificence. The best track is the longest: the descriptively named "The Red Violin: Chaconne for Violin and Orchestra": it leaps from aggression to depression, from passive to powerful, as one might leap over a building. Other good tracks, ones that don't end up at 17 minutes long, include... well, all of them. I like the one with the singing Chinese, but that's just due to me liking singing and music.

Want to listen to a track? There are some ways for you to listen to all of this masterpiece, but I wouldn't recommend them. I'd recommend, instead, dropping by Amazon.com; they have parts of some tracks. Download them, and you'll see what good classical music is all about.

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