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A 60's Jamaican singing group (originally known as The Juveniles) that included Junior Braithwaite (who left in 1966), Beverly Kelso (ditto), Neville Livingstone, Peter McIntosh, and Robert Marley. We'll get back to this later, for my time has run out - I actually had no intention of doing this, since I figured this node already existed.

There was also a Seattle band called The Wailers, I think even before that Cobain boy (R.I.P.) were born. Peers of The Ventures, maybe? I'm East Coast all the way, therefore clueless. We'll get back to this later as well, but I should point out that producer Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd got the idea of changing the name from Juveniles to Wailers thanks to seeing an album cover of the Seattle Wailers.

Have a nice day!

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