I'm not sure what it is. All I possess in my living room is a floral print love seat and a slightly ratty green armchair. But for some inexplicable reason, I cannot stay awake long when ensconced in either of these pieces of furniture.
The love seat is in one piece, except that the ruffle on the bottom has been torn away from the wooden frame to which it was stapled. I might fix it sometime. My place is a bit of a hodgepodge of this and that.
Nicknacks litter the bookcase, there's a wayward desktop computer on the floor and odds and ends are scattered all over the place. The pillows from the love seat are neatly arranged, but then again they're not often used. The chair has nothing adorning it save for a black backpack carelessly thrown over the back. Somehow that always ends up there, no matter where I move it.
If I lie sideways in the big chair, with my fuzzy pink blanket, then I'm asleep almost instantly. Throughout the month of March I slept in this chair, due to needing to be monitored regularly. It was quite comfortable, even though I woke up with a slight crick in my neck and/or back from sleeping folded up.

The love seat is just as comfortable. I can lie down on it and be sleeping within seconds, blanket or none. Normally if I have difficulty in sleeping, all I have to do is move from bed to living room and pick my spot of choice. I've never had anyone sleep over before, so I'm not sure if these powers work just on me or not.

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