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A phrase that has come to mean the lowest member of a hierarchy. For example: My name appears below the score of other users in the other user's nodelet. I have been reading stuff and milling around this site for some time before writing any nodes and I have noticed that the order of names is constantly changing. However, it still seems the consistent case that the users with the highest experience are always towards the top. If I am correct about this, then the list of user's names represents somewhat of a veritable totem pole, of which I have humbly secured my place at the very bottom when I signed up.

If this were an actual totem pole, a standard story-teller and territory marker of many Native American tribes, I would be a high ranker to appear at the bottom. The bottom character of the real totem poles often represented some kind of strength, roots, or beginning.
See, some things you learn at summer camp you actually remember.

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