I've checked with everyone. We are all good.

Sure. Right. What about Curl?


Yeah. Curl.

Curl is DEAD.

Are you sure?


Did you see the body?

Hell, none of us went to his funeral. You didn't go!

It's your job as secretary to check.

How the fuck could I have known? About this wave?

Curl is the one who would break. Say he faked his death. Hell, he wanted to confess the next week.


We found him crying. We had to apply some discipline.

.....(whisper) fuck.

To get him to pay attention.

(whisper) fuck. You never told me!

Need to know.

How the fuck can I know who to keep the closest eye on without knowing what the hell the membership committee is doing?

Shhh. You are getting too loud. There are people around.

You are the one who picked a fucking park!

I can't trust that there aren't recording device anywhere we usually meet.

(fuckity fuck fuck). So...now what?

Dig it up.

His coffin? Fine. You bring a shovel.

Hire it.

No. This is members only.

I will set members up.

No. You bring a shovel. You want Curl dug up, you will do it.

The worm turns.

I resign.

We need to check whether Curl is dead. You can't leave the club. Lifetime, remember?

Or what? You will bury me with Curl?

Curl was the highest risk. You are next. It would be unwise to walk away.

But that is what I am doing.

You are risking more than your reputation.

Ah, my family will have accidents. Right? Well, you'd better move fast because the wave is breaking. I've already written it all and my family knows.


You'll have to take that chance. Insurance. I know the group has no use for me, but that's what I do: watch the trends, watch the change. And make the necessary changes.

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