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You see, there's this huge electricity crisis going on in San Diego right now, where electric bills are doubling and tripling and what not. This has caused us to cut down on things as much as possible. For one, we now use candles here and there instead of lights, mainly to light the halls. Another thing is turning off the computers when we are not going to use them for long amounts of time, such as going to work or going to sleep. Okay, no big deal, I thought.

I was wrong.

As strange as it may sound, the first night that I was forced to do this I lay awake unable to sleep. I couldn't figure out why until I noticed the stillness of everything. The total silence. The emptiness. There wasn't that reassuring hum or that crunch crunch as it tried to think. My computer is right next to my bed and it's been there since I was twelve. We've never turned our computers off. It's too quiet. It isn't right.

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