Jeffrey Dahmer's famous Apartment 213 was located at the Oxford Apartments--924 N. 25th street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Multiple locks and an alarm system installed on inner(!) and outer doors

The Kitchen

The refrigerator, containing a head, facing upward from a cardboard box on the bottom shelf, blood drippings and condiments

The freezer portion of this refrigerator contained three plastic bags: two each contained a heart and the other contained a portion of muscle.

A floor-standing freezer, containing three additional heads, a bag containing a torso, and a bag containing internal organs

The Hallway Closet

Formaldehyde, ether, and chloroform - Dahmer used the formaldehyde to preserve various body parts. He attempted to use the ether to drug his victims, but found that it was not as effective as sleeping pills.

Two bleached skulls

An aluminum kettle, containing two hands and one set of male genitalia

The Bedroom
Bloodstains on the walls

A bed, with bloodstained mattress and pillowcase

A large knife - this was the knife used to attack Tracy Edwards and likely the knife used to cut Ernest Miller's throat.

A Polaroid camera - Dahmer used a Polaroid camera to take pictures of nearly every one of his victims when both alive and dead.

A metal filing cabinet, containing three painted skulls, a complete skeleton, 74 polaroid photographs of Dahmer's victims, and two paper bags, containing a dried scalp and another set of male genitalia - Dahmer painted most of his trophy skulls with a granite colored enamel spray paint. Dahmer hoped that if anyone saw the skulls, they would appear to be fake.

A box with a styrofoam lid, containing two skulls

A 57-gallon plastic drum filled with acid, containing three torsos in various stages of decomposition - Dahmer used this drum to store and dissolve body parts

Miscellaneous Items

Jug of Clorox bleach - used to bleach bones and skulls

Odorsorb and incense sticks - decomposing flesh created a stench in Dahmer's apartment so bad that neighbors often complained.

Four boxes of muriatic acid - Dahmer had purchased these at Ace Hardware just days before his arrest. He used the acid to dissolve portions of dismembered corpses.

Six boxes of Soilex - Dahmer used a Soilex/water mixture to boil bones. After being boiled in the solution, flesh would wash off of the bones.

Identification cards of several of Dahmer's victims

A 3/8" drill, a 1/16" drill bit, and a hypodermic needle - Dahmer drilled holes into several of his victim's heads and injected acid in at attempt to create zombies.

A claw hammer

A handsaw - Dahmer used this saw to dismember his victims.

Pornographic videos, including Cocktales, Chippendales Tall Dark and Handsome, Rock Hard, Hard Men II, Hard Men III, Peep Show, and Tropical Heat Wave

Non-pornographic videos, including The Exorcist II, Return of the Jedi, a lecture on evolution, and an episode of The Cosby Show.

A King James Version bible

These items were found in a description of Dahmer's apartment at and is not a complete list of every item found by police.

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