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Boring lesson? Having one of those "we need to talk" talks with your parents? Can't get out of the conversation with the odd character sitting next to you on the bus? Let time fly with the film game! It's easy to use, fun to play and requires no physical ability.
The idea is to slip in as many film titles as you can into what you say. One point for every title that goes unnoticed by your teacher/parent/other, but you receive an "automatic lose" stamp on your forehead if they realise that you're actually going out of your way to say Return of the Jedi (or whatever). No points if you use the film title to actually refer to the film itself. Example:

History teacher: In the last five minutes of today's class, I'm going to give you an introduction to our new topic, the battle of Waterloo. So, when the battle finally comenced, the actual battle field was almost five miles long.

Pedro: But wouldn't that mean that the generals were out of sight from their troops?

HT: Yes indeed. That's why Napoleon had a whole team of commanders.

Leo: So like, did they just have to scream to each other?

HT: No. They had messengers ride back and forth from each other bringing information.

Pedro: Well, they must have needed quite a lot of speed for that job, considering by the time they returned the entire situation would have turned topsy-turvy to how it was before, right?

HT: Exactly. It was a very different time from the one we live in. So the two battle lines extended for multiple miles, the armies all lined up facing each other, ready for battle.

Leo: That must have been so tense! I wouldn't have thought the soldiers would be able to bear it, I'd have thought they would all just turn and run, apart from a few good men.

Pedro: Yeah, they must have been unbreakable.

HT: What?

Pedro: Nothing.

HT: Hm. Anyway, If you lined the battle field out from this classroom, it would extend all the way to Redstone Park. Waterloo was the town near which the battle took place.

Pedro: I thought it was a hamlet.

HT: ...Well, it doesn't really matter, but yes I suppose it was.

Leo: Did the town know that very bad things were about to happen?

HT: Uh, it was fairly evident, yes.

Pedro: Were they not concerned about being in the line of fire?

HT: Not really. In fact, they were probably quite happy the battle was happening, because they knew once the battle was finished they could go grab the clothes and weapons off of wounded and killed soldiers.

Leo: So this was like, as good as it gets for them, right?

HT: Um, I guess so. Although you'd notice quite a noisome stench from a couple hundred thousand dead people after a week or so. Anyway, let's move on. The armies consisted of cavalry, artillery, infantry, drummer boys-

Pedro: Drummer boys?! Seriously?

HT: Yes. You'll find that they really helped the morale of the soldiers when they played national songs and familiar tunes. And, I imagine, they were also quite useful for a little protection as the columns would march towards the enemy fire.

Pedro: But that's dreadful! They're so young! Life is just beginning for them! I mean, they haven't seen the world, they've never had a family, they've never been kissed!

HT: True. But this was the way it was.

Leo: But they'll just get taken out like, like toy soldiers!

HT: I know, but- Oh dear, it looks like time to stop. See you tomorrow, class.

(Pedro: 7 Leo: 5)

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