This is the game that people play in Chinese restaurants after the bill comes. Everyone gathers around and reads their fortune cookie fortune but adds the words "... in bed" to it. For example,

One of the best things about pseudo-Chinese food is that string of 'lucky numbers' you find in the fortune cookie. Next time you're out dining with your friends, pit your math skills against each-other with the fortune cookie game!

Basic Scoring
Each prime number = 1 point
Each power = one point (1, 4, 16, and 27 are each worth 1 Pt. {argue for 16 to be worth more!})
A perfect number = 2 points
42 = 2 points
47 = 2 points
The highest/lowest range (largest # - smallest #) = one point
Highest/lowest total (by addition) each = 1 point
Total is also scored using these guidelines.

Advanced Scoring
Find any other interesting mathematical features.
Try to convince other players that these are worth scoring.

The player with the highest score wins (in bed).

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