The point of no return in a relationship that could be romantic and/or sexual. Once you enter the friend zone, it's pretty hard to make anything romantic about it.

This probably has to do with the necessity of mystery for real sexual infatuation. Once you have gotten drunk with someone and read penthouse letters in the voices of famous politicians, it is hard to maintain the same sense of mystery.

Joey: ...You've left it too long, and now you're in the Friend Zone.
Ross: Oh no. I'm not in the Zone.
Joey: Ross, you're mayor of the Zone!

...from the sitcom Friends; unless I'm very much mistaken, the episode The One With The Blackout.

It is possible to salvage a romantic or sexual relationship from one that has become merely a good friendship: it doesn't happen often, but it can. It's often counterproductive to do so, however: a good friendship can be a million times more rewarding than a fling.

To underline my point, just look at what happened to Ross and Rachel in the seasons of Friends following the above-quoted episode. I stopped watching Friends when the Friends stopped being Friends.

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