There has been a lot of talk about the gaming industry selling out since the most recent E3 show in Los Angeles. These comments come due to the prevalence of sex present at E3... the voluptuous booth babes, the cock tease women who have nothing to do with games.

Let's be clear... when we talk about this "industry", we really talk about ourselves. We all buy into this industry. Whether we pirate the games or buy them legally, we are the consumers, those who accept and nourish the industry as it is. It is precisely because we, or a majority of us, don't criticize the industry that we see such things.

And is there anything wrong with it? Gaming purists would insist that we are moving away from the games to a media-driven thing... however, games have ALWAYS been media-driven forms of entertainment. The nature of the beast is that it thrives on an undefinable combination of pop culture and innovation.

Does anyone think Tomb Raider sells now because of its once-innovative gameplay or its once-acceptable graphics? Of course not. Sex sells. Is this all right?

I can understand how people may feel that it is not. However, it IS. It's all right, because people have to recognize that what sells isn't always what is of substance. As long as we support that which is truly entertaining as well, it doesn't matter. The publishers are only doing what will make them rich. I don't think even they would try to deny it. They cater to OUR desires. There is nothing wrong with that.

The gaming industry didn't sell out. We bought in.

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