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socks with the hole in the front
at least socks
i am all, be every

don my uniform of beatitude just for the performance of lighting another bronch, gracefully: for alone! where are the secret cameras, installed so many years ago by the secret admirer?

vanity or obsession?

could the music get any louder? pausestop to clean for the never-guest, damn down to the filter forgotten again mother feeds my pills for membrance, they are anti! me! they are staying! dream-denial encapsulated! i will medicate self alone with own personal lack of judgement thank you

janglebaby of the starstruck notion

public presentation, winning of hearts. ferlinghetti grasshoppah, remember to breathe, is this dream-now-yet? when are we there? must i be who i was to become what i am now?
covert library bookcase hidings sheepish animalsign paper menu always hungry when reading, siam- new orleans, balcony, covert? yes, pull it off contests of pain, handle your own damn heat
fire breather: become. now, time refill: black nectar: no milk. must begin lactating- mental note for future. sugar production imminent: find way.
"lights." ter shade of self,
health- lightself, fireburn, char purity, coal self, delta! draw with burnt fingers save money on art supplys: remember when shopping. burn! more water- airsign sorry lost it downhall locked doors: prevention my invasion! always! i am the dangerous one! tiny screams coming from somewhere, who's got the bubble? making self bubble to pop! in public sphere! ha! more juice always- find only glycerine for cohesiveness, i explode too easy as late, only floor-mess.

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