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and God made two Great lights;
the Greater light to rule the day and a lesser light to rule the Night.

The Bible~Genesis

It is never really dark anymore. The most distinct irony of my existence. We are supposedly creatures of the night, but our vision makes night much brighter than it was, and we are never really in the dark. We can see and smell much better, much sharper than before. The night has our eyes, indeed. We move in and out of shadows with eyes that do not have that awkward moment of adjustment. There is no pause to change. That moment is usually enough. Just.

The nightvision that we are blessed with makes every corner of the city light up. Small windows are bright as a furnace and dimly lit figures in parked cars are lanterns burning in caves. They show us the way and we follow. Drawn to the warmth inside the cold night. We always find our way to you. There is no nightlight that will be safe enough for you to hide in and no dark corner that will shield you.

Rest assured, however, you won't see us coming. We are the edge of the shadow, we are the dark.

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