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If I stand just outside my door,
just outside my house,
and if I let myself flow. . .
out of my body,
and out of my world. . .
and if I stretch out my fingers to the sun,
and revel in its glory,
and wonder at its magnitude,
and swim in its light until everything has an orange glow. . .

Or if I stare out my window. . .
out through my bedroom window,
and I watch the stars,
and my mind flies free,
into a new awareness.
And if I catch a glimmer
(for just a moment)
the faintest glimmer
of a hope that I've been saving. . .
a purpose. . .

Then I'll have reached an understanding.

The sun,
(oh, bright lit sun!)
Shines full and true.
And the moon,
(the clever moon)
averts his eyes. . .
The sun sees my face,
but the moon. . .
The moon knows where I hide.

the moon knows my name.

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