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If your foot is narrow it helps to have a lot of shoe covering it. Laces, buckles and straps can help keep shoes on narrow feet. Additionally wearing thicker cushioned socks will fill some of the extra space inside of your shoe. Another thing that can help athletic shoes fit more snugly is using two sets of laces per shoe instead of one. Simply tie the first set of laces at the middle of your instep and finish off with a runner's tie at the top of your shoe.

People who have narrow feet should avoid buying shoes that feel secure but are too short. Depending on how small a shoe is the wearer can induce problems such as corns and hammer toes. Corns are small calluses that develop from a foot continuously pressing against a shoe. Hammer toes point downwards towards the insole of a shoe instead of extending normally. Surgical correction is possible however these problems can return unless the patient is willing to change their footwear.

Damage from improperly fitting footwear can range from moderate to severe. Surgery is expensive, it may not work and untreated foot problems can be extremely painful. If you have trouble finding shoes that fit go to an expert who is willing to work with you and your feet. Listen to what they say, listen to your own body and if you have a medical specialist who told you what shoes to buy please do not ignore their advice. You only get one set of feet, wearing the right shoe for your foot will help your feet stay happy until you no longer need them.

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