When your going on a date there are places that your girlfriend may like to go and then there are places where she might not want to go to. Believe me, the places you take that special someone may effect the way they act around you(sweet and romantic or moody and pissed) or may be the reason why they dump your ass.

here are the top 5 places I think is good for a date:

5:Dinner and a movie. Now going to a movie is a good place to take a person on a date, but not if it's your first date. At a movie you spend some time together, but you don't really talk to eachother. If you want to get some extra points, take her for dinner before the movie. This way you get to know a little bit about eachother. *remember not to order anything with onions in it!*

4:Ice cream and a concert Going to a concert may be fun and exciting, but again you are not going to get to know your date very well, so take her out for some ice cream before the concert. This way you have some delicious dessert and get to know her a little bit better. Then take her out to the concert, but mke sure it's something shes going to like.

3:A fancy restaurant and a dance club Go to a fancy restaurant that has food better then any place around. Make sure she likes the food there and go have a good time. By the end of the night you will have had a great conversation and plans for a date in the near future. Try paying attention to her though, not the waitress who has the high skirt on. Also remember to pay for both meals, not just yours. While your on the date, do nice things like looking into her eyes, pulling her seat out for her, pushes it in, taking her jacket, and talking about things other then just sports, unless she happens to love sports. After the restaurant, go to a dance club and show her your moves. A night of dancing is fun, just make sure you dance with the right person, not the girl you just met.

2:A musical that she really loves. I know that going to a musical may not be one of your favorite things to do, but Your date will love you for it. Going to a musical is showing that your willing to do things that you may hate just to make her happy. Don't complain, just sit through it and act like your interested. It's only one night and it's not the worst date ever.

1:Moonlight night on the beachA real romantic and nice date is going for a nice walk on the beach at night. It's not crowded and the moon is all the light you need. Bring a blanket to sit on and a basket of good food. Have youself a little picnic on the beach and then a nice peaceful walk afterwards. You not only have a nice conversation, but a heated passion for eachother. It will heat up things for the night.

Alright, you have heard the 5 top things to do on a date, but let me tell you the 5 not to go places.

5:A strip clubA strip club wouldn't be the greatest idea. Well, to you it may be, but not to her. Thats more of a guy's night out kind of thing.

4:Your parents house Going to your parents house for a date is just kind of weird. That is a more serious thing to do. If you really like her after a few dates and you want to go to the next level of you relationship, then go to your parents house.

3:The nearest make out hang out Going to the closest make out hang out may just be enough for her to dump you. That only shows that you want a booty call more then a relationship.

2:HootersGoing to Hooters is just as bad as going to a stip club. Your going to be more concentrated on the waitress then on your date. Unless you want to screw up your relationship, don't go to Hooters.

1:McDonalds Alright, You may not have a lot of money, but why show her that. Whatever you do, don't take her on a date to McDonalds.

Remember that at the end of the night you will know if the date was good or not. If you take her to the top fibve places you may get a good night kiss and plans for another date.If your real lucky you might be invited into her place. Take her to the five places not to go to and you make get a slap in the face or a see ya later.
Mine are not all that well thought out, but if I were to pick a few ideal dates, I would choose the following:

1. That foreign film I've been yapping about for weeks. I might even settle for that foreign porn flick, as long as it is dubbed in English. I can't concentrate with subtitles, I'll be too busy laughing my ass off.

2. Drunken-trash-lid-sledding. Granted this is seasonal, but something to look forward to in the winter. (If the liquor won't warm you up, I promise to.) Prefferably on a really steep hill where you can see city lights.

3. New York. For the weekend. No fancy hotel, no parking in Jersey, just a lot of little dive clubs.

4. Gallery hopping. Hey, what can I say.....

5. A picnic on a dark dock at night.

6. You, me, a chianti, and your livingroom floor.

7. Any good Irish pub'll do. I'll pick you up. Better pocket your toothbrush.

8. Anyone for saddling up and hitting the desert?

9. Pick any number of the following: Germany, Italy, Ireland, Vegas, London, Mexico, Jamaica. You're not picking up my half, so don't sweat it.

10. Any place that gives me an indication of what you're made of, I'm game.

Fine. How about just dinner? Your favorite restaurant?

From personal experience (remember, I'm one of the old folks here), there is one rule for where to take your date:

No matter where you go, make sure that nothing will distract you from your date.

Comparing it to the above writeups, you'll see that it fits perfectly. The whole idea of a date is to spend time together, and going to Hooters makes your female date compete with dozens of well-endowed women. Going to Chippendales will make your male date compete with a bunch of chiseled abs.

McDonalds can be a fun stop during a date, as long as you have been going out for a bit and you know each other well. I remember playing hamburger frisbee on a double date, and my date smacked me with an oversized pickle slab. I left it on when I went up to get her another chocolate shake. It was very late, and we were punch-happy after going to the midnight movie. The funny thing is that my then-date, who remains a good friend, remembers this event fondly, and doesn't remember the more lavish experiences when I dropped $200 on dinner and dancing.

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