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The nickname for public housing in many urban areas. Works of "genius" - maximizing bang-for-the-buck by housing the poor in near-identical apartment buildings (varying from three to about twenty stories high). If you didn't live there, it was easy to get lost: you might be in the 601 building when you needed to be in the 501 building further up - aside from the cars in the parking lot, both areas looked alike.

Famous for producing basketball players and other professional athletes. Famous also for producing welfare mothers and drug addicts. Both sets of stereotypes are a bit overblown. The vast majority of people there are as salt-of-the-earth as anyone.

Higher lifeforms now inhabit the powers-that-be sections of governments; some public-housing projects in recent years have been more residential-looking in design. The added expense of such designs are well worth it, since, theoretically, you will have less community dysfunction than you would had you continued to warehouse people in the exaggerated population densities of the old-style projects (of course, this housing is but a symptom of larger problems within capitalism). Time will tell, pending adequate funding - most of us would rather get a $150 tax cut (don't spend it all in one place!) than believe in any notion of a well-targeted increase in social spending, or would rather let the velvet-gloved invisible hand sort 'em all out.

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