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On a heavily modified ROM MUD called Bad Trip, the healer by the temple in New Thalos was converted to "a quivering cube of green jello", complete with bright green ansi text. Since the area it inhabits is one of the most popular rooms in the game, (You reanimate there when you die.) the quivering cube of green jello was the subject of much discussion and homage among the mudders.

The cube works much the same way as the standard healer, selling a variety of cure and heal spells and doling them out randomly as part of it's mob routine. Even the cryptic text of the spells comes out green. On very rare occasions, after you've purchased a certain amount of spells from the cube, it will whisper to you. "Psst! Here!" and hand you a bag of weed, which you can put into a bowl or bong (bought at a headshop which replaces the tailor's store from the standard set.) and smoke. This heals you.

Highly favored among the activities of bored gods is possessing the green jello and causing it to talk to newbies or leave the area entirely and run around committing random acts of nonsense.

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