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The Reality Box
reprinted by permission of Master Ho

Everyone has their own "reality box", that forms the foundation or parameters of their personal belief system; their basic concept of life and their world.

"Periodically, someone will hear something that challenges that system, that shakes the walls of their "reality box" and, when they discover that an aspect of their belief system is wrong or unfounded, then the walls give out and the entire house collapses on them.

In essence, if a basic belief is wrong then you have to rethink everything you ever believed about life, the world and God.

The Reality Box Community

This well recieved endeavor was begun in September of 1996 as a twice-weekly email newsletter. Over the past several years it has evolved into an interactive forum of people from all around the globe and all walks of life. In addition to Master Ho's engaging and informative newsletters, there are several weekly hosted chats on a variety of fascinating topics. Public chats are held in the Reality Box room on BigBob.com - Come visit... it's free!

  • The Reality Box newsletter is a mix of articles, jokes and cross-conversation from readers about metaphysics, parapsychology, astrology, magick, dreams, crystals, tarot, science, astronomy, UFO's, current events, social sciences, psychology, music, life-oddities, Chinese food, other recipes...... and humor! Whatever interests us!!
  • Reality Box chats come in two flavors: public and members' only private group chats. Both have these elements in common: thought-provoking issues, questions and moral dilemmas and plenty of humor designed to make us examine our values and belief systems..... one heck of a party!
    • Chat Schedule:
      • Sunday - Sunday Chat, private - members only (hosted by Master Ho)
      • Monday - Open chat in the public room (unhosted)
      • Tuesday - Talking Feather Chat, Native American topics, 8:00-10:00 p.m. PST(public chat, hosted by BirdSingsDifferent)
      • Wednesday - Reality Box Afterdark, the most popular R.B. public chat! There's no telling what may happen and things can get pretty wild! 11 p.m. - 1 a.m. PST (hosted by Master Ho)
      • Thursday - Thursday Chat, private - members only (hosted by Master Ho)
      • Friday & Saturday - Open chat in the public room (unhosted)

For more information visit http://www.therealitybox.com

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