I walk the parking lot before the rains come to make sure everyone's windows are up. I also needed to take some photos of a car for an insurance company. I found it hard to get a clear shot of the windshield because the clouds cast a reflection from it like a pane of glass. It reminded me of the Luray Caverns in Virginia, the pools of water so still deep inside caves that they looked like sheets of glass, showing the stalactites like the gaping mouth of a dead monster.

Each hood looked shiny and polished, the clouds lying still over them like draped scarves, like the frozen moment in a snow globe after all the white flecks have fallen.

Man, what I would have done to be up in that sky.





a long walk downtown

dodging kids on skateboards

counting the number of dogs with handkerchiefs




driving out into the country

on the lookout for skittish deer,  also 

overhead, watching a V made of geese 




the reflection of clouds

on the hoods of cars

metallic echoes of late afternoon 

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