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Let us assume, hypothetically, that you have a secret. I don't mean a petty secret, I mean a deep, dark secret that would shock everyone you know. Something like:
I'm really a man
I'm really a woman
I'm Gay
I shot Kennedy

Now let's say that you (we'll call you Kid A) decide to tell someone you trust (Kid B) your secret, because everyone knows that secrets are made to be told to someone, because that is human nature. So, you tell Kid B your secret, and make him swear to God, Buddah, and Allah (just to be safe) that he won't tell your secret to anyone. So, you have told your secret, you feel better, and all is right with the world. Or so you think.

Unbeknownst to you, Kid B has gone on to tell all of your friends (Kids C-Z) your secret. However, he has also made THEM swear that they won't tell anyone, and that they for certain won't tell you that they know, or that Kid B told them the secret.

So now, ALL of your friends and aquaintances know your secret. But you don't know they know. The quandary is this:

Would you rather keep things the way they are, with everyone knowing your secret, but you not knowing they know?


Would you rather know that everyone knows your secret so that you can spin it and make it not sound so bad?

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