where silent guards carry silent arms--
let the wind take us down to forgotten streets
and avenues packed with vacationing immigrants.
replacing learned intution with vague familiarity,
stare open-eyed, mouth wide at the crumbling
municipal buildings where once great monarchies ruled,
this place, where we chose to live our childhood,
deserted through years of neglect and mistrust

i could
never trust moments at the present, save those in the past

is now fallen, rotted through with worms we left behind
to remember us by. then traveled someplace far away,
taking with us hidden viruses and foreign fruits
to ruin whatever paradise we chance to find

how much
easier it is to leave things the way they found us, i wonder..

in this useless, youthful wanderlust.
can we be victims together, cry out against
all the injustices of the world to soothe our hidden
abhorrence(or was it just jealous appreciation?)of all things
beautiful, full of flowers and the things we
were never given?

yes, take us down to these
lost nights and false memories and tell
the guards to break their vows of silence and
ready their ammunition--for now, right now! ,
they will save the world

and no more wars and no more tears and no more hungry children with large, pleading eyes.

everything's O.K. now i think.

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