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Those years when, as you try to start becoming an adult, you engage in any number of behaviors that would get an actual adult arrested and a true child sent to therapy.
Because of corporate America's current fetishization of teenagers, an unhealthy amount of attention is focused on them at a stage in which they are unusually vulnerable: when they are consciously trying to become something more than they currently are. As a result, we have 16-year-olds trying to emulate the people portraying teens in television and movies, most of whom are at least 10 years older than the people they are supposed to be.
Of course, there is a great deal of potential in being a teenager. The great majority of the rest of your life is still ahead of you, and there is almost no time when you will be as aware of breadth of possibility that is still available to you; everything is still on the horizion. It may be that you will never have more options, or at least more possible options, than as a teenager.
Despite being an excuse for some truly inappropriate acts, committed both to one's self and to others, the teenage years can be wonderful. Quite literally: full of wonder.

But for the most part, they usually sucked.

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