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Sometimes called the shallow foot the trim foot lacks the height and volume of a normal foot. Most of successful shoe shopping requires matching a shoe up with a foot shape so if you have a foot that lacks height start shopping for shoes that are cut flat across the top. Typically tie shoes work best for the trim foot as laces can be used to pull the sides of a shoe around the trim foot.

Tricks to help you work with your trim foot: wear thickly cushioned socks, search for shoes that have adjustable components such as straps, buckles and velcro and utilize tongue pads. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these tongue pads are small padded ovals that can be placed on the underside of a shoe to help take up space inside of a shoe.

Women with trim feet can rock boots like nobody's business so if you have great legs and you're sick of wearing conservative Mary Jane style shoes step out with the sassiest boots you can find. Avoid backless styles such as clogs, mules and slides unless the slide is adjustable and stays on your foot when you walk. Strappy shoes and sandals tend to work well for the trim foot as do most winter boots. In general if you have a trim foot flat full coverage shoes are going to be your best option .

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