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Your instep is a part of your foot Brannock device can't measure but it remains a critical component because the top portion is going to determine whether your foot has enough volume to carry a particular shoe. If you favor slip-on shoes, clogs, loafers and mules then you probably have a high volume instep. If your foot has ever gotten stuck halfway into a particular shoe that is supposed to be your size then you know for sure that you have been blessed with a voluptuous foot. Professionally speaking the high volume foot is not a bad thing to have and this is why: if you are a woman you are going to be able to rock certain heels, pumps, sandals and flats.

If you are a man dress shoes that are cut high enough for your foot are going to look great even if your foot is on the wider side. Because the voluptuous foot is tall shoes need to be cut high to accomodate the above average instep. Avoid shoes that leave sock imprints or red marks on the tops of your feet. Listen to your body when you're trying on shoes and find some honest people to work with if you don't know what you're doing because a lack of knowledge can hurt you and your feet. The bottom line on any foot type: knowing what you have will help you understand how to shop for it which will open up the wide world of shoes for you.

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