Not something of which you'd want to be the recipient. It tends to be pretty damn harsh. When Adam and Eve had one, little transgression, they got evicted. When the people of Earth too "wicked" for him, he wiped them all out (with the exception, of course, of Noah and the gang). And everyone's heard about Sodom and Gomorrah: two whole cities were razed because their populace were too "decadent." (Well, decadent in the sense that they partied a lot and tried to rape some angels (whom they thought were just some strangers)) The business with Job kind of falls under the wrath of god, however it was more like the wrath of Satan, since it was Satan who actually did all the "smiting" for the most part (there wasn't really a good reason in the end. For an explanation of that bit, see "theodicy"). Of course, the first and best example of god smiting was when Lucifer pulled a knife on him.

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