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E2 Catbox Enhancer

I am the obvious alterego of the person I am obviously the alterego of.

Here is the documentation for the current stage of the as yet unnamed tool I'm developing.

What you need to do

  • Be running firefox or internet explorer. I understand there are still bugs to be ironed out in Safari.
  • put
    <script src="http://ic2.epfl.ch/~dyke/e/a1.js"></script>
    in your notelet.

What it does

  • When you hit talk (or <enter>) in the catbox, it sends the message without reloading the page.
  • This is good because it means catboxing on par with the speed of a catbox client but available on all everything pages.
  • It fetches catbox messages for outside.
  • It also fetches private messages.
  • Now has a bunch of cute hints to indicate that something is being sent to the server.
  • Also, it shows the past 10 minutes instead of just the past 5. If this bugs the hell out of you, tell me and I'll fix something.
  • Furthermore, it converts anything beginning with http:// or www into an external link.

What it doesn't yet do

  • insert spaces in long words. Done. At the moment it does this better than the catbox!
  • Deal with html character entities Done. It even interoperates with the linebreaker!
  • delete private messages marked for deletion It deletes 'em. The code that does this is a bit rough and ready though (mainly because the html to be deleted is a bit rough and ready).
  • only works when you are outside
  • the cute little message that shows you what you said in your latest private message does not yet exist Yes it does, but can't tell you to how many people you sent messages.
  • doesn't deal with usergroups too well - i.e. doesn't display the pretty (ra) and the group a message is from. Now it does, albeit not perfectly.
  • Doesn't update the number of messages in your private inbox.

Behaviour I have been unable to replicate

If I tell you I can't replicate an error, it is either because I can't get the browser you have or because there is some conflicting/bad code in your notelet. Or there is some other reason.

Big problems

It is unlikely that I can do anything to fix these

  • if you delete a message, I'm going to be hard pressed to keep the constant 15 messages displayed. I can get messages *after* a certain id, but can't get the last n messages.
  • deal with special characters between unicode/latin-1 -- ack this seems to be an e2 problem with the way it handles incoming parameters on GET requests.
  • Any parameters such as the last seen and timestamp ones of the private message inbox, whether admins and editors are marked in the catbox, etc are not replicated.