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All of the heroes are dead. They were sucked up into the vortex of the information age, and spat out through the business ends of millions of cathode ray tubes.

Between the twin electron discharge units, the TV, and the computer monitor, we have been exposed to an ever increasing tidal wave of information that makes us doubt and question history, religion, and tradition. All of the myths of our ancestors have been debunked, denuded, and destroyed.

Definitionally speaking, the very concept of a mythological hero defies modern logic. Science, technology, and cynicism have robbed us of the need for our ancient explanations of the world around us. They all have conspired to make us realize that the seasons change due to the earth's orbit around the sun and the slight tilt of the axis of spin in relation to that orbit. We no longer believe that it requires a goddess to annually create the miracle of spring.

I believe that our world is literally shaped by our understanding of it. When we explained the world in the terms of ancient mythology, we made the myths true. As we have explained the universe in ever increasing detail through science and technology, we have made that true as well. So when I say that technology killed the old heroes, I mean it literally, by not believing in the old myths (and choosing to believe in new ones), we unmade what we had made.

What do you want to believe today? More importantly, what can you make the rest of us believe tomorrow?

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