Theta Chi is a national male greek fraternity that was started at Norwich University, at nine o'clock on Thursday evening, April 10, 1856. The founders being Frederick Norton Freeman and Arthur Chase, assisted by Egbert Phelps. Chase was installed as the first president and Freeman became the first secretary. Phelps, who was a transfer from Union College and joined Chi Psi Fraternity, suggested the name of the organization and designed the first emblem of Theta Chi.


Theta Chi Objectives are established for attainment by the individual members and the various chapters.

The official charter of Theta Chi (2008) says to recognize that the fraternity, ever an independent institution, is a valuable part of higher education, cooperating at all times with the college or the university with which it is associated; to make the chapter house serve as a campus home to the members, both while they are undergraduates and when, as alumni, they return to the campus for visits; to render a definite service as a socializing agency whose success must be measured by the degree of improvement shown between the raw material, the pledge, and the finished product, the graduating senior; to provide experience in making and enforcing regulations for mutual forbearance and cooperation while living together, in selecting leaders, and in participating in other democratic processes, as excellence preparation for life after graduation; and to provide the opportunity for making life long friendships, one of the most valuable contributions of college life.


. To impress each member with an appreciation of the fact that privileges and honors conferred carry with them the obligations and duties to be properly performed, and to incorporate in all members a sense of responsibility which will serve them well in civil life when the brothers of today become leaders of tomorrow.

Code of Conduct

. To develop a definite and practical code of conduct for fraternity men which will reflect in everyday life the ideals of our founders and its general observance will enable our members to set an example of true gentlemanly conduct that will be generally recognized by campus and community as a definite contribution by a fraternity to society in general. This code will include absolute honesty, respect for others, temperance, square dealing, clean living, citizenship responsibility, cooperation, and assistance to the less fortunate.

Chapter House

. To make the Chapter House a home in which members may live, study, work, and play with reasonable comfort and convenience, keeping constantly in mind that appeal of a real home is based on things more vital than ornate architecture or pretentious display. The chapter house, designed for the needs of a group of no fewer than thirty and no more than sixty men, should be well built, well planned, well managed, comfortably furnished, kept in good repair, and of an appearance both inside and out that conforms to good taste and reasonable home standards.

Chapter Government

. To recognize and maintain in chapter government those principles of democracy, cooperation, discipline, and control which make for efficient operation and prepare for useful citizenship.

College Cooperation

. To work in close cooperation with the college or university at all times, to maintain, at least monthly, contact between the officers of the chapter and officials of the institution; and in every way possible to assist the institution in maintaining or enhancing its ideals, spirit, and the size and quality of its enrollment, always remembering that the Fraternity takes the attitude of “Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Mater.”

Pledging Standards

. To base the standards for pledging entirely on character, inherent ability, capacity for leadership, and general promise for constructive citizenship, it being the definite purpose of the chapter to correct defects in dress, demeanor, ambition, and attitude.


. To maintain continuously the scholastic average of the chapter above the all men’s campus average, not merely as a matter of acquiring scholarship points, but because of the joy and satisfaction that comes with knowing that the important work for which the individual members came to the campus has been well done.


. To take an active interest in worth while college activities by encouraging and assisting members to participate in those for which they are best fitted, never permitting excess participation in any activity to interfere with scholastic standing or graduation.


. To build up a well-selected library of not fewer than 2,000 volumes, supplemented by some well chosen current magazines and newspapers, and provide adequate facilities for proper care, preservation, cataloging, and use, and to develop the general recognition of use of the library as part of an organized scheme for the more beneficial use of leisure.


. To keep in active contact with all alumni members by sponsoring at least two alumni gatherings a year and by publishing and distributing a chapter news letter to alumni members at least twice and preferably four times a year.

Chapter Meetings

. To make the chapter meetings an opportunity not only for the expeditious handling of routine business, but also for an intelligent interchange of opinions and ideas on matters of importance in fraternity and citizenship responsibilities.

Interfraternity Council

. To work out a constructive program and urge the other fraternity chapters to cooperate promptly and fully to make their interfraternity council a vital, controlling force in campus life, with membership based on demonstrated leadership and ability so that the council in cooperation with institutional authorities may make real contributions to student welfare.

Inter-Chapter Relations

. To develop and increase national conscious in the individual by encouraging frequent contact with other chapters in the Fraternity through means of group and personal visits.

Conference and Conventions

. To promote greater interest and activity in and better attendance at visits will not only be enjoyable to all parties but will permit regional conferences and national conventions as another means of developing national consciousness.

Guest Night

. To designate one evening each week as guest night, at which time a member of the faculty or staff or a prominent citizen will be present for dinner and to give a brief after-dinner talk to the members on some pre-arranged subject, this to be followed by round table discussion.

Mothers and Fathers

. To make mothers and fathers of members and pledges feel that their interest is welcomed and appreciated; to keep them informed of the chapter’s activities by sending copies of the chapter news letter; to foster in all chapters Mother’s Clubs as another means of keeping them interested at all time in the chapter and the Fraternity.

Chapter Endowment Fund

. To create an endowment fund from moneys set aside from initiation fees and other sources and to preserve this fund for future emergencies or to make loans to worthy undergraduate members.

Cash Operation

. To maintain a cash basis of operation as prescribed in the Theta Chi Finance System, so that indebtedness will be promptly met and so that the chapter will operate strictly on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

Chapter Credit

. To establish a high credit rating for the chapter by (a) continuously keeping within its income and meeting all obligations when due, (b) by giving notice to all local creditors through the chapter financial supervisor and the college and university authorities that in granting credit each chapter is to be considered on the same basis as any other individual or corporation requesting credit, the credit to be granted or withheld by the creditor on the basis of the chapter’s alumni corporation is in any sense responsible for the debts of the undergraduate chapter, and it being further fully understood by all concerned that neither the national organization nor the alumni corporation is to be considered as a collecting agency. Any merchant who extends credit beyond the point justified by sound business practice in dealing with an organization whose membership changes completely every four years will do so entirely at his own risk.

House Ownership

. To arrange the financial plan and structure of the chapter so that as quickly as possible it will own its house free and clear; then with normal carrying charges an active member can live, eat, and enjoy all fraternity privileges for no great financial outlay than that required for board and room in a dormitory or a rooming house.

Internal Cooperation

. To maintain at all times a high degree of cooperation with the Grand Chapter, the Executive Office, the regional counselor and the staff of The Rattle.


 Chapter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
à Chapter, University of Maine
Ä Chapter, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Å Chapter, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
È Chapter, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
É Chapter, Colgate University
Ì Chapter, University of California at Berkeley
Í Chapter, Hampden-Sydney College
Î Chapter, University of Virginia
Ð Chapter, Dickinson College
Ñ Chapter, University of Illinois
Ó Chapter, Oregon State University
Ô Chapter, University of Florida
Ö Chapter, North Dakota State University
× Chapter, Auburn University
Ù Chapter, Pennsylvania State University
ÁÃ Chapter, University of Michigan
ÁÄ Chapter, Purdue University
ÁÉ Chapter, Indiana University
ÁK Chapter, West Virginia University
ÁÌ Chapter, Iowa State University
ÁÍ Chapter, Georgia Institute of Technology
ÁÎ Chapter, University of Delaware
ÁÏ Chapter, Washington State University
ÁÑ Chapter, University of Washington
ÁÓ Chapter, University of Oregon
ÁÔ Chapter, Ohio University
ÁÕ Chapter, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
ÁÖ Chapter, University of Alabama
Á× Chapter, Syracuse University
ÁØ Chapter, University of Maryland, College Park
ÂÁ Chapter, University of California Los Angeles
ÂÃ Chapter, University of North Dakota
ÂÄ Chapter, Rutgers University
ÂÆ Chapter, Michigan State University
ÂÇ Chapter, Washington College
ÂÈ Chapter, Drexel University
ÂÊ Chapter, Hamline University
ÂË Chapter, University of Akron
ÂÍ Chapter, Case Western Reserve University
ÂÎ Chapter, Birmingham-Southern College
ÂÑ Chapter, Illinois Wesleyan University
ÂÓ Chapter, Lehigh University
ÂÔ Chapter, University of Southern California
ÂÕ Chapter, California State University, Fresno
Â× Chapter, Allegheny College
ÂØ Chapter, Presbyterian College
ÂÙ Chapter, Susquehanna University
ÃÄ Chapter, Florida Southern College
ÃÇ Chapter, Bucknell University
ÃÈ Chapter, San Diego State University
ÃÊ Chapter, Miami University
ÃË Chapter, University of Denver
ÃÎ Chapter, San Jose State University
ÃÏ Chapter, Wake Forest University
ÃÑ Chapter, Florida State University
ÃÓ Chapter, Duke University
ÃÔ Chapter, Drake University
ÃÕ Chapter, Bradley University
ÃÖ Chapter, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Ã× Chapter, Randolph-Macon College
ÄÁ Chapter, Linfield College
ÄÂ Chapter, University of Georgia
ÄÃ Chapter, West Virginia Wesleyan College
ÄÅ Chapter, University of Miami, inactive
ÄÆ Chapter, University of Nebraska at Omaha
ÄÈ Chapter, University of Toledo
ÄÉ Chapter, Northwestern University
ÄÊ Chapter, Ball State University
ÄÌ Chapter, University of Texas
ÄÎ Chapter, Valparaiso University
ÄÑ Chapter, North Carolina State University
ÄÕ Chapter, Arizona State University
ÄÖ Chapter, University of North Texas
Ä× Chapter, Lenoir-Rhyne College
ÄØ Chapter, University of Kansas
ÄÙ Chapter, Ripon College
ÅÁ Chapter, High Point University
ÅÃ Chapter, Widener University
ÅÄ Chapter, Youngstown State University
ÅÆ Chapter, University of Tampa
ÅÇ Chapter, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
ÅÈ Chapter, Tufts University
ÅÉ Chapter, East Carolina University
ÅÊ Chapter, University of Idaho
ÅÓ Chapter, Wagner College
ÅÔ Chapter, Stephen F. Austin State University
ÅÖ Chapter, University of Central Missouri
ÅØ Chapter, New Jersey Institute of Technology
ÅÙ Chapter, California State University, Sacramento
ÆÂ Chapter, Adrian College
ÆÃ Chapter, University of Alberta
ÆÄ Chapter, Saint Cloud State University
ZE Chapter, Long Beach State University
ÆÊ Chapter, Ohio Northern University
ÆË Chapter, Westminster College
ÆÎ Chapter, University of California at Davis
ÆÐ Chapter, Old Dominion University
Chapter, University of ÆÓ Chapter, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
ÆÔ Chapter, University of Michigan, Flint
ÆÕ Chapter, University of Hartford
ÆÖ Chapter, California Polytechnic State University
ÇÂ Chapter, Eastern Kentucky University
ÇÃ Chapter, Morehead State University
ÇÄ Chapter, Babson College
HZ Chapter, Edinboro University
ÇÉ Chapter, Newberry College
ÇÊ Chapter, James Madison University
ÇË Chapter, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
ÇÌ Chapter, University of Findlay
ÇÍ Chapter, Alma College
ÇÏ Chapter, Northwestern State University
ÇÐ Chapter, East Stroudsburg University
ÇÑ Chapter, Centenary College of Louisiana
ÇÔ Chapter, California State University, Stanislaus
ÇÖ Chapter, Oakland University
Ç× Chapter, George Mason University
ÇÙ Chapter, California State University, Chico
ÈÅ Chapter, Kennesaw State University
ÈÆ Chapter, University of North Carolina at Asheville
ÈH Chapter, Sam Houston State University
ÈÉ Chapter, University of California, Santa Cruz
ÈÊ Chapter, Texas Tech University
ÈÌ Chapter, California State University, Hayward, inactive
ÈÍ Chapter, Rowan University, inactive
ÈÎ Chapter, Virginia Commonwealth University
ÈÏ Chapter, Mars Hill College
ÈÑ Chapter, McNeese State University
ÈÖ Chapter, California State University, Bakersfield
È× Chapter, Honorary Chapter
ÈØ Chapter, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh
ÈÙ Chapter, Appalachian State University
ÉÁ Chapter, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
ÉÂ Chapter, Missouri State University
ÉÃ Chapter, Grand Valley State University
ÉÄ Chapter, Southeastern Louisiana University
ÉÅ Chapter, Georgia State University
ÉÆ Chapter, Radford University
ÉÇ Chapter, University of the Pacific
ÉÈ Chapter, University of Central Florida
IK Chapter, Northern Arizona University
IË Chapter, Longwood University

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