Think of me now.

Two years down the line, you don't know where I am. An eternity ago, I dreamt of being able to come back to see you. We cried and you promised to never let me go. You promised to write, to call.

Two years thinking of you every day. Wondering if you've grown, changed, cut your hair, pierced your ears. Secretly hoping you're the same as you were when I left. Dying inside because I can't picture you in my mind any more. Dying inside because you don't think of me. I could be anywhere. I could be dead. You wouldn't know or care.

One day, I will come home to you. One day, I will come back. I will find you; I will run to you like I did all those years ago, I will hold you and I promise that I will never let you go.

Pretend, if it hurts, that I do not exist; that I am an empty shell of nothingness that once blighted your way. I know that once you cared enough, so that won't matter to me. If anything is still there, deep within your hardened heart, try and remember it, even if you cannot feel it.

So be good my darling, and never forget that I will always love you and I will never ever leave you again. I'm still with you, and always will be. I am standing beside you today, tomorrow, forever. You are beautiful, and for now, you are safe. So smile your sweet, tender smile, and tomorrow the sun will rise again, for I am holding you.

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