You say that you will be moving to be with her, as soon as you can. That you think you, and she, have a future together.

It's like a blow, landing solidly on my solar plexus, but I smile, as my heart lurches, and I wish you luck.

You knew I would. You know me too well.

Then you say that "Nothing will change between us of course".

But it will. Of course it will. This changes everything.

Yesterday, she and I were equals.

We were both your lovers. Neither of us came first. Someone else entirely came first.

Now, you are putting her ahead of me. This changes everything.

You tell me if things had been different, if I had been free, you might have chosen differently. That you love me as much as you ever did.

But I'm not free, and you didn't choose differently.

And however much you love me, this changes everything

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