This is actually true in the case of the toilet of a guy in The Netherlands (he lives in Apeldoorn). You can visit his house online at, and of all the technological wonders that the house contains, one is the toilet. It does not have a webcam, unfortunately (?), but you are able to view the average amount of flushing instead, which is also entertaining stuff.

For the geek who has everything, what do you get him? Why not his very own bathroom network terminal?

I have such a one. It's a DEC VT420 hooked up to the serial port on my Linux server. It's just about perfect for doing that thing in that place -- it does up to 132x48 in various terminal emulations up to VT220.

I don't have any place for a mouse, so there's no real point to having an X terminal there, but if you have the facilities and the desire, I would suggest something like my portable terminal: a PowerBook Duo 230 with a Newer (the company, not the adjective) Ethernet MicroDock. The MD gives you an ADB port (essential because of the Duo's chronically cruddy built-in keyboard) and an RJ45 Ethernet port (which means no more clunky dock and extra monitor just to hook up to a LAN).

The first question most people have on seeing or hearing about this is "Why would you ever want that in your bathroom??" The answer (besides opening the possibility of some really, er, crappy daylogs) is simply because it's the one room in my apartment where I might want to use the Internet and be unable to for an extended period.

And if you get really bored, you can play some solo nethack.

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