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The simplest club juggling pattern. Just like the three ball cascade, but with spinning clubs to deal with. Scary!

Before you start the three club cascade, have you practiced throwing and catching clubs yet? Do so now. You only want to start trying the three club cascade when you've got the spins down pat.

You should have already practised with two clubs. One club goes from left to right, and when it reaches the top of its arc, the other club goes from right to left. Do this several times, then reverse the direction. Throw the clubs from right to left, then left to right. Do this many, many times.

Now... don't pick up the third club yet... we still have to practice the start. Hold one club in your preffered hand, then place another club on top of it, crossing the first at the place where you are holding it. The club on top should be at about 15 degrees to the bottom one, and facing towards the opposite hand. Now grasp the club on top between thumb and forefinger. Now throw it. It is possible. 8^)

(NB. it is possible to throw the club on the bottom instead of the one on the top. This is referred to as the circus grip. However, it has the nasty effect of the knob catching on the club above it, causing the whole club to swing round and hit you in the teeth. You have been warned.)

Anyway, throw the club up, leaving the other club in your hand. Catch the first one. Now throw it back to the first hand, and try to catch it while still holding the underneath club. Click!

Very good. Now that you've got this going, try the cascade properly. Throw the first one, then as it reaches the top of its arc, throw the next one. As it reaches its top point, throw the third... at about this time you will drop a club. Oh well. No-one said it was going to be easy.

Once you have got the three club cascade (and it can take months), you can try a few tricks. The one you should master straight away is the double. Throw a club with a bit of extra height and spin, and let it spin twice before you catch it. Keep practicing it - you'll need it. Actually, if you can get the double spins low and fast, and keep throwing them one after another, it looks very flashy and professional. This is the thing about clubs; often the best-looking tricks are the least complex.

Over the top is not as easy as it is with balls (although a full reverse cascade looks totally surreal), so the first trick you should attempt is the under the arm. Then you can go on to behind the back, under the leg and so forth... it's not really my style though.

One of my favourite club tricks is the reverse spin... not particularly impressive, but very addictive. I also enjoy the Mill's Mess, which takes a while to master with clubs, but is really worth it.

Oh, and sooner or later, you should learn the flourish.

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