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Scientific Name: Barbus tetrazona

The tiger barb is a small fish that is native to the waters of Indonesia and Borneo and a common addition to many home aquariums. It is extremely hardy and easy to care for, and so it is an ideal fish for beginners. This fish is generally grayish-pink to bright orange in color, and has a few black vertical stripes running down its body. The tiger barb usually grows only about an inch or two in length; however, various strains of this fish may be larger or smaller depending on breeding.

This fish is very active and often causes trouble with less aggressive fish due to its habit of "fin nipping". This fish is a schooling fish, and if kept in groups of less than four members, their aggressive tendencies may come out as a form of self-defense. For this reason, tiger barbs are best when kept in groups of six or more.

The tiger barb is an omnivore and must be fed a mix of both animal and plant nutrients. Most prepackaged flake foods will suffice. Note, the tiger barbs are voracious eaters due to their active nature, and care must be take that other tank mates also get their share of food.

Two other varieties of tiger barbs are common in pet stores, the green tiger barb, that has darker and thicker bars, and the albino, or golden tiger barb, that lacks the black bars altogether. Both of these strains share similar characteristics to the common tiger barb.

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