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I'm sure that this has been a thought in everyone's head at some point, that it is not news. The fact that time passes so quickly does not astound me. When people say, "It was only so-and-so long ago and this was totally different," that is not what I mean.

It's the duality and dichotomy of time that perplexes me, that so much can go on while other things seem to be at a standstill. That someone could be an alcoholic for 20 years and have their marriage fall apart on them, yet during this time, they manage to hold down a job, their kids grow up, life goes on. We aren't allowed the luxury of viewing our lives as one dimensional Shrinky Dinks through the oven window, despite what we would prefer.

I was smoking pot on a daily basis for four years, during which I managed to get a degree. For the year and a half I was hooked on cocaine and sleeping around, I was also holding down 3 jobs to support my habit. In the two years I've been clean, even more has been happening. Even when I don't have a life, I have one by default because maintaining a standard of living and even failing constantly, is still living. Sitting online all night, noding, is still living, even if it isn't what I'd rather be doing. Sometimes we eradicate our options out of indecision, and other times they are ruled out for us buy circumstance, but not nearly as often as our deflated egos would have us believe.

Life, as Henry Rollins says, is a whirl.

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