In Unit 1, a residence hall here at Cal, they have these really cool chairs in all the rooms and lounges. It's kinda strange that they only have them in only Unit 1, because they're amazingly cool. They're a pretty simple design: you may have seen chairs whose legs on either side are joined by a bar across the bottom. So instead of 4 feet on the floor, the chairs are almost like sleds, with two bars on the floor.

What makes the Unit 1 chairs so cool is that the rear legs, instead of going straight down, angle back about 20 degrees, and the sleds angle up to meet them there. This way, you can lean back in your chair and still be resting stably on the ground.

Of course, this isn't enough for most of us; part of the reason we lean back is to balance precariously and chance falling over. For this, it's almost too dangerous: by the time you're far enough back to be overtilted past the tippy chair's second base, you're about at the point of no return.

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