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Tocino is a sweet pork dish that is traditionally served for breakfast in the Philippines. "Tocino" is a Spanish word that means 'bacon' or 'cured meat' and comes from back in the days of Spanish settlement of the Philippines.

To make it, Filipino recipes call for using pork pigue or kasim...which is just regular ham shoulder that's been sliced to a 1/4 inch thickness.

This part is what makes it different...the spicing and curing of the meat.  Various recipes have a whole slew of ingredients for this but basically its saltpeter, pepper, regular salt, garlic, sugar, and some anise wine.  The individual slices are then treated with this mixture and placed on top of each other in a container, preferably refrigerated.  At the end of 3 days or so, what remains is the kimchi of pork.

The reddish color is from the saltpeter and often makes it look like beef.  Preparing it is nothing more than lightly frying it until it caramelizes on the edges.  Common serving will include egg and rice on the dish as well.

Tocino is quite tasty if one likes sweetly coated meats similar to many asian 'sweet & sour' dishes. However, it IS slightly fermented and has been room-temp and chilled several times already so even though you can drink the wellwater here, tocino might produce something like evil deamons racing to the portal of light for freedom to wreck the world - this would be your ass over the toilet for a few days.

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