The proper way to type, that is enter data into a computer. This method is characterised by the home row of keys, A S D F for the left hand and J K L ; for the right hand. From these positions, the fingers move to other keys to type words and sentences. Once these hand positions are learned it becomes extremely easy to type involved lengthy statements (such as write ups) without looking at the keyboard at all. For hackers and geeks, this method becomes a way of life, and they begin to forget even the letters which they are typing and think of only the words, and for the true gurus, only the phrases. A convenient analogy is learning another language. When you first learn the language, each word is a struggle. Later, phrases come more easily but it is still a conscious process. Finally, you become fluent and can speak at length with ease. When reading a continuous stream of text, such as in IRC or via an instant messenger, the easiest way to identify a touch-typer is when they fall off the home keys. Usually it happens when they are not focusing on their typing, and the fingers will find their way one column over thus causing the typing to become incomprehensible except to another touch-typer. Its almost impossible to do this on command.

Contrast: hunt and peck

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