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Oh fellow noders, Best Beloveds, I need help with a transition.

In the morning I have no difficulty. The transition from the introverted thinking writing time to day and work is the bath. A ritual bath, with magnesium salts and work clothes and makeup perhaps or not and earrings most days or not and making my lunch, gathering what I need for work or what I want, sometimes the camera goes with me and I must find the keys and cell phone.

It's the evenings I have trouble with right now.

I am dropping alcohol because I am too tired and sad and worried, about many things, but especially a new round of discrimination and hatred. My genetic heritage is to stop making the enzymes that break down aldehyde. We metabolize alcohol to aldehyde, a poisonous carcinogen. Aldehyde is broken down by two different enzymes. The drinker who have more of one tend to alcoholic cirrhosis. The drinkers with the other tend to liver cancer. Cheerful, right? But alcohol poisoning is when the enzymes get overwhelmed and then the person vomits, has diarrhea, vertigo, hugs the porcelain god, can be sick as a dog. I have not done that lately but since the election, even one drink leaves me feeling more down in the am and slightly ill. I shouldn't use a depressant if I am down, right?

Tell me, oh Best Beloveds, I need a ritual from work to home. I am tired after clinic and worn and I miss my daughter. Boa cat is glad to see me and tries to comfort me....

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