Someone who enjoys wrapping their arms around trees because of the intense love they feel for nature. Some tree huggers are partial to certain species of trees, some will take whatever tree lovin' they can get. Many will even chain themselves to their favorite tree in order to get closer to them. This is known as "second base" in the tree hugging world. Third base involves sap.

Also, a phrase used to refer to environmentalists, activists and god-damned hippies.

This is a word used to implicitly criticise someone's environmental stance. There are those who use it to refer to all individuals and groups who express concern about the environment. Others use it only for certain individuals or groups, implying that they are less rationally and more emotionally motivated, or that their arguments and actions are not well thought out and do more harm than good, or perhaps that they give lip service to the environment without inconveniencing themselves in any respect to protect it.

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