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Autechre. tri repetae++.
dael. clipper. leterel. rotar. stud. eutow. c/pach. gnit. overand. rsdio.

+Autechre. anvil vapre.
second bad vilbel. second scepe. second scout. second peng.

+Autechre. garbage.
garbagemx36. piobmx19. bronchusevenmx24. vletrmx21.

incomplete without surface noise.

A musical tour de force of unparalleled beauty, and an electronica watershed. This level of mechanized emotion hasn't been heard since The Man-Machine.

If someone told me that this album was created by extraterrestrials, I would believe them. Tri repetae is a totally alien soundscape unlike anything which preceeded it, even earlier Autechre. I hated the album when I first heard it - admittedly, it sounds like a bunch of noise to the uninitiated. Upon further listens, especially with headphones or in a car with a good system, it can be a soul-changing experience. The beauty is in the subtlety of the melody... once you find it, WOW! Booth and Brown have created a kind of music which may never sound dated. It certainly hasn't been dulled by repeated listens; in fact, it makes most subsequent Autechre (and just about everything else) seem like amateur noodling in comparison. While a precious few other electronic albums have been more majestically produced and/or more influential, none occupies such a defiantly singular place in the ambient canon as tri repeatae++.

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