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This is a Halloween activity that resembles trick or treating. You and if you wish your friends go door to door but instead of saying "TRICK OR TREAT" you explain your cause. In my case I said "I am collecting cans for a Halloween food drive sponsored by my school, if you would like to donate some canned goods I would love to take them." Most people respond with cans, but some deny your request. A downside to this is that you do not receive as much candy. I guess after you ask for cans they forget about the candy. When doing this it is a good idea to take a car with to drop off the donations and not injure yourself carrying them.

This year I went out with one other friend. Together we collected 143 units in the time frame of 3 hours. On the candy side we only got 213 small or "fun size" units. The most common type of canned food received was tuna with 12 cans, and the runner up was strangely black olives with 8 cans. All in all it was loads of fun and a good excuse for an older teenaged boy to go out for Halloween.

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