Colloquial term used to describe camping out of a canoe, especially in reference to lake travel. Tripping typically implies portaging canoe and gear from lake to lake.

Northern Minnesota and Northern Ontario posess some of the world's best tripping routes in the BWCA and Quetico parks.

Tripping also refers to experiencing the effects of some psychadelic drug. The term likely derived from the fact that a hallucinatory / euphoric episode lasts at least 3-5 hours. Therefore, one is taking a "trip". Also lead to the phrase "tripping balls"

Tripping is a minor penalty in hockey - more specifically, in ice hockey. It's pretty much what you'd expect: if one player trips another, usually this is done with the stick, the offending player is whistled and sent to the penalty box for two minutes. During this period the penalized player's team is shorthanded and the other team has a power play. See those nodes for more information.

Sometimes, though, a penalty shot is awarded to the player tripped. If the tripped up player is on a breakaway - meaning he's going in all alone on the opposing team's goaltender and has a great scoring opportunity - it seems more fair and just to let that player have a penalty shot, or redo the scoring opportunity, essentially, that he was denied by the offense. Whether the penatly shot is successful or not, sometimes the offended team still gets a power play.

Graceful figments whisper,
gently trickle down my throat,
and cause my eyes to tear.

The colors blur,
my room aglow,
my hand begins to flicker.

I trundle towards the hallway.
I see my doorway melt.
It makes me think there’s little sense
in keeping others out.

Down the stairs I stumble,
tumble, sprawl upon the floor.
But I am safe from breaking falls,
the tiles are soft as pillows.

In the yard, I start to dance,
The sun makes joyful music.
I do not stop,
though no one else is moving.

The flowers breathe a sweet perfume,
a bequest for careful tending,
Seeing beauty blossoming
is reward enough for me.

Down the street I tap along,
Past children masked as cherubs,
though with less angelic thoughts;
I’m curious, but cannot stop to watch...

Silky shadows swathe the earth;
I lie beneath a tree,
and listen to the trials
and tribulations of a squirrel.

Unable to determine
if my service was requested
I offer my condolences,
And counsel a vacation.

In my path, the plants align
to halt my jumbled drifting,
I chuckle as I step aside,
The trees are deep in slumber

Over knolls, and through the fields,
Past the gates I wander.
But the grass is never browner,
the otherside is mine.

The sprawling sky I gaze upon;
It roars to prove its freedom.
I speculate that rain is cold,
And clouds are rather rude.

Trip"ping (?), a.


Quick; nimble; stepping lightly and quickly.

2. Her.

Having the right forefoot lifted, the others remaining on the ground, as if he were trotting; trippant; -- said of an animal, as a hart, buck, and the like, used as a bearing.


© Webster 1913.

Trip"ping, n.


Act of one who, or that which, trips.


A light dance.

Other trippings to be trod of lighter toes. Milton.

3. Naut.

The loosing of an anchor from the ground by means of its cable or buoy rope.

Tripping line Naut., a small rope attached to the topgallant or royal yard, used to trip the yard, and in lowering it to the deck; also, a line used in letting go the anchor.



© Webster 1913.

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