A combination of a restaurant, gas station, and convenience store which caters to truckers and other long-distance travelers. Many of them are mighty unpleasant places, with surly waitresses, filthy bathrooms, and inedible and overpriced food. Luckily, some truck stops serve stellar green chile enchiladas or employ cute waitresses, and you should do everything you can to help them stay in business.

There is something charming about truck stops. They seem to be one of the last pieces of americana that are actually real, true and untainted by the status quo. It is one of those places, even amidst the porn and the six hour old hot dogs that feels warm and cozy. There is no pretension -- there is no facade -- it is what it is; a place for weary travelers, life long truckers and small town girls to sit under the flickering yellowed light bulbs and talk, eat, drink coffee deep into the morning hours.

Country band from Maschen, germany. Their song Arizona, Arizona was the highest-ranking non-american song in the US country music charts up to today.
They are playing for over 20 years now an therefore have released a bunch of albums, singles, best-ofs, trucker-song compilations etc., so don't blame me for not putting up a discography here. I know at least 3 compilations that are not listed on http://www.truck-stop.de/.
Major hits include Arizona, Arizona, Ich möcht' so gern Dave Dudley hörn, Easy Rider, Der wilde, wilde Westen, Sie haben mir den Truck geknackt and many more.
If you can speak german you can figure out easily that their lyrics are -as most country lyrics- mostly senseless, as i'd like to demonstrate with a roughly translated sample from Der wilde, wilde Westen:

The wild, wild west
begins right behind Hamburg
at a studio in Maschen
beside the highway
here you can hear
fiddle, banjo, steel guitar
here they are in a good mood
the cowboys from the Waterkant
with their Nashville sound.

Waterkant is a slang term for the coast of the north sea and the Elbe up to Hamburg, it means coastline.

I can't believe its not irony, but i like it anyways. I once attended a Truck Stop live show at their home town, Maschen, and they just rocked the house. Ever seen middle-aged sales persons dressed like wannabe cowboys dancing on the table?
Important:The song Papa, ich will Trucker werden so wie Du (Daddy, i want to be a trucker just like you) is a urban legend and has never been recorded nor performed by Truck Stop.

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